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Summer Reading!

It’s finally getting warm out & that means time to head to the beach or the park with the perfect summer read! check out this summer reading list, compiled by our staff at chelsea market:


This book takes you to a place you never knew existed — the land of the Chukchi. It’s also the absolute coldest book out there — the opposite of a beach read in the best possible way.






Like Westerns? Read this book. Don’t like Westerns? Doesn’t matter. Take Thomas Pynchon’s word for it: you will not regret having read Warlock.








One of the best things I’ve read this year- part essay, part poem, part fractured novel. Bluets is a quixotic, unrequited serenade to a color, to a lost lover, to an unutterable desire.







After a night spent unwisely in the company of his boss’s mistress, George Stroud must cover his tracks when the next day she is discovered murdered. The boss suspects she was with another man and charges George with finding… himself. The Big Clock is winding down — but to what?









Behind the simplistic language lies a complex philosophical question; what the question is manifests itself differently for everyone, I imagine. But, at the end you are left wondering whether or not you have ever really loved someone.







This is a timeless treasure of a read that chase the hearts of readers with ideals of family. Jansson’s tale about the relationship between a grandmother and a granddaughter perfectly weaves together adventure, magic, sassiness and love.






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