The Sunshine Sisters

The Sunshine Sisters

Jane Green

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New York Times bestselling author of Jemimah J and Falling, Jane Green’s newest novel is the story of a mother who calls her estranged daughters home to help her end her life.

Ronni Sunshine left London for Hollywood to become a beautiful, charismatic star of the silver screen. But at home, she was a narcissistic, disinterested mother who alienated her three daughters. Still, when Ronni discovers she has a serious illness, she calls her now-adult girls home to fulfill her final wishes.

And though Nell, Meredith, and Lizzy have never been close, their mother’s illness draws them together to confront the old jealousies and secret fears that have threatened to tear these sisters apart. As they face the loss of their mother, they will discover if blood might be thicker than water after all…

Product Details

Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publish Date: 06/06/2017
Pages: 384 pages
Language: English

ISBN: 9780399583315, 0399583319

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